Need Construction Sweeping?

We got you covered.

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Wells Sweeping provides construction sweeping services for highway and road improvement projects.

Our Construction Street Sweeping services:

  • Chip Seal Operations
  • Grinding Operations
  • Paving Operations
  • Grading and Aggregate Operations
  • Slurry Seal Operations
  • Track-Off Clean Up
  • Heavy Debris Removal
  • Button Grinding
  • Fine Particle Removal
  • Dust Control Operations
  • Paint Removal Operations
  • D.I. Cleaning
  • and Much Much More....

Experience & Reliability

We have worked with some of the largest construction companies in California, on the largest construction projects in California. Our operators have the experience and knowledge needed to work in large construction sites. They are responsive, follow instructions, and work safely and efficiently.

We train our operators to make the best of their time and the best of yours.

Our owner/operators pride themselves in doing an honest job and exceeding our high standards of quality service.

Knowledgeable Office Staff and No Hassle Dispatch

Our office staff is professionally trained to service the construction industry. We are experienced in public contracts and the proper certification, licensing, insuring, and administrative operations of large construction projects.

Our dispatch is responsive and available 24 hours a day. We use the latest technology to dispatch, track, and bill our clients.

Our billing is always accurate, detailing specific locations, required PO numbers, job numbers, dates, operators, and hours worked.

Our Sweeping Fleet Meets or exceeds state & federal requirements We are continually upgrading our fleet with newer, more efficient, and greener equipment. Our operators manage and maintain their trucks regularly. They are trained to service any issues that may arise and carry an assortment of tools for any circumstance. We run a C.A.R.B. (California Air Resources Board) Certified Fleet, so you can rest assured you have green equipment on your job site.